First of all, thank you to all who participated in our Let’s Play Ball! Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes. We hope you had fun! Now it’s time to announce the winners, those who scored the winning run by making it all the way around the bases!

Reminder: To be eligible, participants must have provided the exact title of the blog posting in which they found the baseball image. Then, from all of the correct entries, ten (10) winners were selected in a random drawing. Each of the winners listed below scored a $50 Amazon Gift Card claim code.

So, let’s see who stepped up to the plate and won!

Amanda W. / 80smusi

Akeita D. / Akeit

Regina C. / Ccavac

Jennifer S. / Jstoo

Sherri H. / Lilshe

Anna L. / Lyman

Melissa C. / Melissar

Rick C. / Rickcc

Sean S. / Seansi

Lauren C. / strgzrl

NOTE: For privacy, we only listed the winners’ first names and the first initial of their last name, along with the first few letters of their email address.

WINNERS: Please check your email over the next few days for your e-gift card!

Here are the blog postings where the nine baseballs were located:

What To Do About Returns (Posted on January 27, 2021)
Pizza Rules This Month And, Well, Every Month! (Posted on October 1, 2020)
Have A Hamburger on National Hamburger Day (Posted on May 27, 2021)
What’s The Best Time/Day To Go Grocery Shopping? (Posted on October 22, 2020)
The Cost Of Owning Cats And Dogs (Posted on April 8, 2021)
Vending Machines Are Everywhere (Posted on March 4, 2021)
Is This Still Good? The Low-Down On Expiration Dates (Posted on November 13, 2020)
The Many Costs Of Food Waste (Posted on April 16, 2021)
A Brief History Of Shopping Carts (Posted on December 18, 2020)

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Best Regards,

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