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Keeping It Fresh

Like many others, I’ve started purchasing more of my groceries online. Who doesn’t love the convenience! But if I do get anything online, it’s almost always a packaged item.

I still go to the grocery store for “fresh” foods, like bakery goods, deli, meat, produce and seafood. Interesting stat from the Nielsen Company: online grocery shoppers spend 1.5% more in-store on fresh food than the average consumer does.

According to Nielsen, deli and produce departments provide the highest sales of “fresh food” items in stores. In fact, three-fourths of deli sales come from items packaged by deli clerks, giving customers a more authentic, ready-made feel.

Meanwhile, online sales of health and beauty care items and dairy products are rising.

Where do you get your fresh food items? Let us know by leaving a comment.

As you can see, sales of fresh food continues to increase in stores.


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9 thoughts on “Keeping It Fresh”

  1. I get my fresh produce either from my neighbor or grocery store. I do not plan to get fresh produce on line because I want to see what I am getting.

  2. I shop at the store, I like to see, feel, smell what I am buying. Like fruits and vegetables, meat. Deli products. Maybe I would order online, can goods, box items. I would love to try one off the meal kits they advertise on TV.

  3. I prefer shopping in a standing store, looking at the fresh produce makes me happy, I am sure if everything is bought on line soon there will be no standing stores to visit putting many people out of work.

  4. Thank you for your posting, Taylor. I just joined NCP tonight.
    Anyway, I am slowly buying heavy things online- protein shakes, iced teas, etc. I’m just not interested in carrying heavy things from my UBER to my apartment…using a cane, walking in the rain and dragging a huge, purple duffel bag on wheels with my days “catch”.
    I’m leaving it to the certified strong back professionals.
    I’ll never give up going to market- it’s a festival.

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