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My husband and I just did our 2017 taxes, and it turns out we will be getting back some money from the Federal Government. As we’ve done in years past, we put some of that money into home improvements. This year, we’re going to do some work on the kitchen, replacing the flooring and installing new cabinets and countertops. At least that’s the plan right now!

Do you have any home improvement plans? If so, let me know!

Whether you use a tax refund or save up, many people see the benefit of putting money back into their homes. According to the Home Improvement Research institute, total home improvement products sales were expected to increase 4.9% in 2017 to $365 billion in total sales. In 2018, sales are expected to increase 4.8%, according to the Home Improvement Research institute.

According to hgtv.com, these are the top 15 home improvement projects:

1. Minor bathroom remodel (average return at resale: 102%)
2. Landscaping (average return at resale: 100%)
3. Minor kitchen remodel (average return at resale: 98.5%)
4. Exterior improvements (vinyl siding, paint, updated front entry; average return at resale: 95.5%)
5. Attic bedroom conversion (average return at resale: 93.5%)
6. Major bathroom remodel (average return at resale: 93.2%)
7. Major kitchen remodel (average return at resale: 91%)
8. Deck, patio or porch addition (average return at resale: 90.3%)
9. Basement remodel (average return at resale: 90.1%)
10. Replacement windows (average return at resale: 89.6%)
11. Family room addition (average return at resale: 83%)
12. Bonus room updates (average return at resale: 72.8%)
13. Living room updates – decor (average return at resale: 66%)
14. Bedroom updates (average return at resale: 52%)
15. Living room updates–walls and floors (average return at resale: 40%)

Note: Average return at resale rates vary by geographic location, and there may be other factors involved.

Here are some of the top home improvement projects for each state, according to Porch.com:

If you can’t see this map clearly, click on this link for a larger graphic: www.ncponline.com/wbcnt/NCPBlog/HomeImprovementStates.png

Are you doing your own home improvements? If so, then make sure to use the specific store name – for example, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Orchard Supply Hardware, True Value, etc. – when recording your purchases. If you don’t have the exact store name in your scanner or the NCPMobile App, just use the Home Improvement Stores store type.

Thanks, and let’s hope it’s a nice, warm weekend!

8 thoughts on “Home Improvements Projects”

  1. Home improvements that I’m doing this weekend is lawn treating and yard improvements also doing a little interior improvements in my living room and bedroom.

  2. I had planned on remodelling my kitchen and both bathrooms. However, I recently experienced a. Very bad house fire and my insurance company is remodeling my whole house.

  3. I love working in my yard, and growing flowers! Last year, i planted approx., 200 daffodils, 100 daylilies, forcynthia bushes, snowball bushes, iris’, begonias, grass seec etc. all summer long. We purchased this home about 1 yr. Ago and the previous owners didnt care for yard work. This year, I am planting blueberries, tomatoes, maybe string beans, and more flowers.
    Mosof the plants are annuals, so the bulbs will duplicate themselves. This makes everything so much eaiser.

  4. Plan to continue on basement renovations started last year. Everything done except painting (which I actually enjoy) and then come up with some type of window treatment for ugly little cement encased windows. There is always the old tension rod and some type of curtain. Anyone out there have any other ideas? Also, looking for an idea for the doorway between living area and small room with work bench, furnace, water heater, and water softener. Didn’t really want the expense of buying another door but it is a bit of an eyesore. Right now we have the tension rod with a flag hanging in the doorway.

  5. Really need some improvements done but been supporting my adult children for the past two years, so there’s no extra money to be found to do that. Used to do most of my own years ago, but health deteriorated to much to do that anymore and the kids really could care less; sad but true.

  6. We are saving up to purchase a new front door, as ours has a small dent and some scratches. I believe the door and the front landscaping can provide good curb-appeal.

  7. Our home improvements are reorganizing our home after having been living here for a year and my Hubby only has very little time left before he goes back to working 7 days a week, 10+ hrs a day. Whatever purchases we need to make due to organization, will c from our savings. We’re saving our taxes to purchase another family vehicle because it’s hard to only have one and we’ve just reached a point where we can now make that decision.

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