Have You Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

This Sunday night the Academy Awards will be presented. Although I know many blog readers don’t like to watch, being a big movie fan, I always enjoy watching the show.

Speaking of movies, I love going to a movie theater and really getting involved in the story. But who has the time and money to do that all the time? I know many people watch new movies on premium cable networks or streaming services like Netflix.

In terms of actually going to the movies, I read that U.S. movie admissions slid 6% last year to 1.24 billion for the lowest number since 1995. This is according to the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).

Last year’s box office sales declined 2.55% to $11.09 billion, according to NATO.

Meanwhile, in 2017 the average ticket price jumped 3.7% from $8.65 to $8.97, with the fourth-quarter average soaring from $8.79 to $9.18.

Overall ticket sales peaked in 2002 with 1.57 billion, then declined to 1.52 billion in 2003 and 1.48 billion in 2004. Those are still the highest admissions years over the past three decades.

So, do you like to go to the movies, or do you prefer to watch them at home on either cable or a streaming service? Let me know!

Have a great weekend!

37 thoughts on “Have You Seen Any Good Movies Lately?”

  1. My family use to like going to the movies,when the prices were not so high.Now,we either rent from red box,or Amazon prime.

  2. At a theater, I tend to sleep more than watch – same with television and videos, so I tend to spend more time reading novels, and when sleepy, throw in the bookmark and sleep.

  3. I have a movie-date friend – we enjoy going to the movies every 3 months or so – but only if there is good movie worth paying for! We make a day of it with lunch and a walk somewhere… otherwise I do not enjoy going to a movie, would rather watch at home.

  4. I love to go to movies but my husband is a home body. I end up watching them after they come out in digital.

  5. I perfer to watch movies in comfort of my home save money movie theather is to much i get to see movie I want adventually Netflix,Hulu Plus,and Amazon i got variety.

  6. I’ve loved movies my whole life, but with the prices, ringing cell phones, talking, etc., unless it’s a blockbuster better seen with all the bells and whistles, a special showing, or something that can’t wait for home video, I stream more than I ever have. I used to go see a movie or two a month. Now I might see 3 or 4 a year AT the movies, but watch a dozen a month on streaming. I don’t see that changing.

  7. I love going to the movies. I use all the free movies card, Tmobile movies discounts and Marcus Threatre $5 Tuesday night with free popcorn.

  8. My husband and I love the $5 Tuesdays. Last movie we saw was “Greatest Showman”. Really enjoyed it.


  10. Love going and streaming and beat the high price recently with Movie Pass….my daughter and I now go 1-2 times a week for a monthly rate of $9.99….it’s awesome! Check out their website to see if your theaters are included. Best deal for families!

  11. I recently went with a youth group to see the greatest showman, the story about P.T. Barham. It was a good movie. I didn’t pay. And when the leader of the group got one large popcorn and four waters and it came to 29 dollars I was glad I didn’t have to pay. The industry is hurting themselves when they price everything so high. I’d much rather save my money and wait until it comes out to Redbox or netflix.

  12. I love watching movies, always have. I use to go to the theater but the prices are just too high, especially if you buy popcorn & a drink. Now I either get them from Redbox, library, Netflix or Amazon. Last night I found you can rent a few of the movies that haven’t been released to DVD but are up for Best pix on Netflix for $6.99. Quite a deal in my opinion.

  13. I enjoy going to the movies but my husband prefers watching them through streaming services so that’s where I usually enjoy new movies.

  14. We go to the movies almost every Tuesday. It’s five dollar Tuesday all day long. And they have recliner seats with the table. We’ve seen a lot of movies there.

  15. Yes I go to the Movies frequently. I usually go to the Matinee it is cheaper. We have a movie theater here that is $5.00 on Tuesday’s. If you’re a member of their rewards program you earn points and can get a free upgrade on popcorn and drink on certain days. I love going to the movies.

  16. Occasionally we will go to the movies if our adult kids are in town. Most of the time it is after the movies have come out on TV. Our adult kids on the other hand I think it is a weekly date night for them.

  17. I LOVE going to the movies! I love the whole experience, and I am even happy to go alone if no one else wants to go (or if I just need to get away for a while). Unfortunately, the high ticket and concession prices keep me from going as often as I would like to.

  18. My husband and I hardly ever go to a movie theater to see a movie. It’s so much cheaper and easier to await the release of the movie onto DVD.
    We did however go to our local movie theater to watch Fifty Shades Freed this past February 14th for our Valentine’s date night, my idea of course. 😄 The experience was one of our worst due to renovations, over crowding, negative consession changes and raised prices. The average adult ticket cost $12.50 in my area.
    The theater chain was sold and with that comes changes, of course, negative changes from what we seen!
    I do not think we will go back…
    Redbox will be our movie rental go-to from now own!

  19. I don’t like going to movies like to knit while I watch. Sometimes fall asleep. I record so if I fall asleep can watch the end the next day.
    2 We are retired too expensive to event if we go to Matinee

  20. I prefer watching movies at home; don’t like being in crowded places. Usually watch stuff on Amazon Prime or Netflix when it becomes part of the subscription; don’t pay extra for movies.

  21. My wife and I go to the movies as often as we can. $5 Tuesday all day is a steal. Buy a large drink and a large popcorn for $7.50 and share. We bring our own theater candy that we paid .88 cents . Total day under $20. and we see all the first run movies in their week of release. Where else does $20 go? Starbucks for two coffees. Winner.

  22. I enjoy watching movies at the theater with the girls, but my husband likes to watch at home. The theater setting makes it far easier to totally get drawn into the movie. A nice break from reality!

  23. Getting out to the movies with my autistic toddler isn’t really an option, but I really love being able to stream movies at home… It’s perfect for our needs.

  24. For movies we just can’t wait to see we head to the theater when they first come out! We are eligible for “Senior” priced tickets so it is a little more reasonable now. For all others, we wait until they are available to rent, borrow or stream from Library, or purchase.

  25. My wife and I love to go to the movies, but like so many others, we were limited to only one or two movies a month due to the high cost of tickets, even at ‘senior’ prices. However, that changed when we each got a Movie Pass. With our Movie Passes, we can see one movie a day for only $9.95 per month. In addition, we continue to build loyalty points that we can exchange for free or low cost concessions. Now we see about two movies every week. (Please note that I am not trying to advertise or recruit for Movie Pass, but I am a very satisfied customer of their services. So I am not posting their web address, but it can be found by searching for them with your favorite search engine.)

  26. I know its late but I did go to the movies with my grand children and my son
    We seen Peter Rabbit. It was so funny

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