Hi everyone!

The snowstorm here in the northeast is finally behind us, thank goodness! With temps averaging in the 40’s this week, I am hoping the snow will melt soon and that will be it for the season (I know, I have high hopes, lol)

February is almost here and, as a movie lover, I am looking forward to the upcoming Academy Awards show. Guess what? NCP has its own Oscar promotion coming up! I’m so excited about it!

We’re rolling out the red carpet for you, our panelists. You’ll be the ones predicting who will win the Oscar in some of the major award categories, and you will be a winner, too!

Here’s a preview of our Oscar promotion …

Each week, for four weeks, we’ll ask you to pick who you think will win an Oscar in a few select categories.

• If you select the Oscar winner for that category, and you transmit that week, you’ll earn an additional 1,500 points!

• If you don’t select the Oscar winner, but you do transmit that week, you’ll still earn an additional 1,000 points!

Gift points will be awarded after the Academy Awards presentation, which is scheduled for Sunday, February 28.

For the first week of the promotion, the category will be Best Actress. You will make your prediction by answering a survey included in the email you receive.

So panelists, make sure you check your email inboxes early next week for the promotion details!

I would love your feedback on this promotion once it gets rolling. Just email me at [email protected]. Make sure to use the subject line “NCP Blog.”

Good luck!

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