Hi, my name is Taylor Davis and I’m the Assistant National Director of the National Consumer Panel. I’d like to welcome you to the all-new NCP Blog!

I’m relatively new to NCP, but have been in the market-research industry for several years now.  Part of my role here is to help develop better ways of communicating with — and listening to — our panelists.

One of the ways I thought we could do that was by creating this blog. I’ll be posting new content here once a week (with the exception of the week of Dec. 28th), on topics that I think (well, I hope) you’ll be interested in. I’m sure you’re curious to know how all the data transmissions you send us actually help companies make their marketing decisions. My plan is to share with you some of that data, as well as survey results, tips for earning more points and much more!

Of course, the real “owners” of this blog will be you, our panelists. If you have suggestions or comments, you can send them to [email protected]. Make sure to use the subject line “NCP Blog” — that way the emails will get to me quickly!

What do you think of my avatar? (That’s the graphic at the top of this blog.) This image looks similar to me, so instead of using a real photograph I thought that this would be pretty cool to use.

So again, welcome to the NCP Blog. Remember to check back each week and send us your feedback.

We hope you like it!

Best regards,

Taylor Davis

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