Arkansas was admitted to the Union on June 15, 1836, as the 25th state. The state capital is Little Rock, which is also the state’s largest city.

According to the 2020 US Census Bureau, the estimated population of Arkansas is just over three million people. It’s the 34th most populous state in the country, and the 29th largest state by land area.

Official Arkansas State Symbols

State Capitol Building front exterior in Little Rock Arkansas with US state flag outside

Every state has their own unique symbols, from birds to flowers to songs and more! Here are some of Arkansas’ official state symbols:

– Bird: Mockingbird
– Flower: Apple Blossom
– Insect: Honeybee
– Tree: Pine tree
– Vegetable: South Arkansas vine ripe pink tomato
– Beverage: Milk
– Food: Pecan
– Gemstone: Diamond

Find more information about Arkansas’ state symbols here.

Fun Facts about Arkansas

You can dig for diamonds in Arkansas! The state is home to the only public diamond mine in the country: Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro. Park rangers provide digging tips, and you get to keep anything you find.

Mispronouncing the state’s name is actually illegal, though there’s no penalty for saying it incorrectly. It’s pronounced Ar-kan-saw, even though it looks like “Kansas.”

Arkansas is home to several famous businesses. Walmart was founded in Rogers in 1962. The world’s largest poultry producer, Tyson Foods, is headquartered in Springdale.

According to CoolKidFacts, the world’s first cheese dip was invented in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1935. The World Cheese Dip Championship is held annually in Little Rock.

Famous people from Arkansas include Johnny Cash, the author John Grisham, Bill Clinton, and Maya Angelou.

NCP Panel Members in Arkansas

Want to learn more about your fellow panel members in another state? Here’s how our Arkansas panel members answered some of our survey questions!

How long have you been a panel member?

– 29% of survey respondents have been members for 15 or more years!
– 23% have been members for less than a year.
– 36% of respondents were born in Arkansas and have lived there their entire life.

Is the area you live rural, suburban, or urban?

– 58% live in rural areas
– 33% live in suburban areas
– 9% live in urban areas

Do you have children?

– 77% of respondents have children
– Of those, 23% have children living in their home

Shopping habits of NCP Panel Members in Arkansas

Do you think peoples’ shopping habits differ based on where they live? We’re curious about this, so we asked our panel members questions about how, when, and where they shop, along with some other questions about their habits.

Here’s what our panel members in Arkansas had to say about their shopping habits:

– 70% of respondents shop both online and in-store, with 27% shopping in-store only.
– 70% of respondents tend to shop at the same stores.
– 67% of respondents mostly stick to their list when shopping, but sometimes make impulse purchases.
– 70% of respondents shop alone, with another 18% shopping with a spouse or partner.

When it comes to choosing where to shop, 64% of panel members shop at mass-merchandise retailers. Another 21% primarily shot at grocery stores. Price, location, and convenienceare the top factors that influence where people decide to shop. Most of our Arkansas panel members shop 1-3 times per week.

Nearly all of our survey respondents- 85%- look for ways to save money while shopping, with digital coupons and store loyalty programs being the most popular options. Other respondents shop at multiple stores, use the store sales flyer to plan their list, subscribe to store emails, and clip paper coupons.

Convenience while shopping

While ordering groceries and other items online has long been an option, the COVID-19 pandemic made delivery and pick-up a lot more common for people.

Here’s what Arkansas panel members had to say about it:

– 45% never order groceries online and pick up at the store, while 33% do sometimes.
– 60% never order groceries online to be delivered, while 27% do sometimes.

We also wondered if the weather influenced a person’s choice between online and in-person shopping. 35% of respondents said weather doesn’t impact their decision, with 26% saying they prefer in-person shopping regardless of the weather.

And finally: self-checkout. Some people love it, others hate it. According to our survey, 29% of respondents always choose self-checkout, with another 43% indicating they frequently choose it. 18% of respondents rarely use it, and 11% never do.

Interests of NCP panel members in Arkansas

Here are a few other fun facts about Arkansas panel members from our survey!

More than 60% of respondents engage in outdoor recreational activities regularly or occasionally. The most popular outdoor activities are hiking and walking- it was a favorite for 80% of panel members. A few of the unique answers panel members wrote in include frisbee golf, hunting, and shopping at yard sales.

We asked panelists which sports they follow, and 42% said football. Another 20% follow basketball, and one smart grandparent said “anything my grandson plays!”

We also wanted to know: what place would you recommend to visitors in your hometown or state? The most popular type of attraction panel members recommend is natural parks and reserves. Here are some of the answers we got from panel members:

– Crystal Bridges Museum
– Lake Charles
– Downtown Bentonville First Fridays
– Bull Shoals Caverns
– Hot Springs National Park
– Eureka Springs

Did you learn anything new about Arkansas? How do your shopping habits compare to panel members in Arkansas? We hope you enjoy learning about panel members in other states. Stay tuned for the next one!

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