It’s time to share the results of our Blog Pop Quiz Sweepstakes (January 29 – February 2, 2024).

Thank you to everyone who entered the sweepstakes! We hope you found it to be fun and informative!

As a reminder, to be eligible for this sweepstakes, participants had to answer all seven (7) quiz questions correctly.

Winners were randomly selected from all correct sweepstakes entries. The 10 winners will each receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card claim code by email.

And the winners are…

Congratulations to the winners!

NOTE TO THE WINNERS: An email was sent to you from NCP.

Amy D., Vandergrift, PA
Brittany J., Gary, IN
Ida K., College Point, NY
Jean M., Owen, WI
Lori A., Tarentum, PA
Lynn T., Lodi, CA
Mary B., Newark, OH
Nadine D., Pembroke Pines, FL
Rebecca R., Rockwood, TN
Susanne H. Buffalo, NY

Here are the answers to the quiz questions…

Question: According to the blog, What Does NCP Do With the Data We Collect? (April 12, 2023), in which publication does NCP share the data that panel members provide to us?
Answer: In The Know

Question: According to the blog, NCP Tips: Watch Out For Scams (June 6, 2023), on which social media site do we frequently see scam posts in buy, sell, and trade groups?
Answer: Facebook

Question: According to the blog, NCPMobile: Reporting Coupons and Sales (August 1, 2023), what are the 3 types of promotions NCP collects information about?
Answer: Coupons, store sales, and other types of sales

Question: According to the blog, How and When to Contact NCP’s Panel Support Center (August 22, 2023), what are the different ways you can contact NCP’s Panel Support Center?
Answer: All of the Above (email, phone call, and private message from NCP’s Facebook page)

Question: According to the blog, Reporting Non-Barcoded Items to NCP โ€“ (October 13, 2023), NCP does NOT collect information about what types of purchases?
Answer: Services (hair salons, nail salons, car washes, etc.)

Question: According to the blog, Tips for Scanning Large Shopping Trips with NCP (December 14, 2023), what should you keep handy when scanning your purchases?
Answer: Receipts

Question: Who writes NCP’s blogs?
Answer: Taylor Davis

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