Bulk buying has become more popular over the years. So what exactly is bulk buying? Bulk buying refers to buying larger quantities of goods at one time. These items can include food and beverages, household/cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc. Why has buying in bulk become increasingly popular? Mostly due to its potential cost savings and convenience.

Bulk buying usually works best for people who have plenty of storage space and use what they’ve purchased at a sensible rate.

Benefits of Bulk Buying

What are the benefits of buying in bulk?

According to nerdwallet.com, here are a few of the potential benefits:

Reduced packaging waste.

Saving more on household items that you frequently use. Bulk sizes can have a higher initial cost, but the per-unit cost can be less expensive over time.

Fewer shopping trips, which may reduce your chances of impulse buying.

Having large quantities of household essentials on hand to be better prepared for emergencies.

How do you feel about buying in bulk? Do you do it? If so, what items do you buy in bulk most often? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, here are some of the pros and cons to bulk buying, as well as which items might be the best to buy (and not to buy) in bulk.

Bulk buying pros and cons

Pro: Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper per unit.
Con: Buying in bulk is an upfront expense.

Pro: Buying in bulk means you rarely run out of that product.
Con: If you have a large quantity of something, you’re prone to overusing it.

Pro: Bulk buying is more environmentally friendly
Con: Buying in bulk requires storage space.

Pro: Buying in bulk makes it easier to handle emergencies.
Con: Buying in bulk means less variety in the products you use.

Pro: Buying in bulk means fewer trips to the store.
Con: Items bought in bulk can sit around past their expiration dates.

Products in bulk; the good and not so good

Some good items to buy in bulk might include:

Household and cleaning supplies
Dry beans
Canned goods

Beverages safe to store at room temperature

Products to avoid buying in bulk might include:

Meat (unless you’re going to freeze it)
Fresh produce
Snack foods (you run the risk of overindulging)
Coffee beans

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