We all love thanksgiving, but like every other holiday in 2020, it will be much different this year. For this Thanksgiving, it’s just going to be our immediate family. But next year we’ll really be able to celebrate!

In our home, like in so many others, a big topic of pre-Thanksgiving chatter is about side dishes. Everyone has a favorite and they all put in a request for the big feast.

What is your favorite side dish(es)? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

I bet you’d like to know what’s the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in your own state.

Well, the folks at Zippia took a look at some of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes.

Using Google Trends, Zippia determined what Thanksgiving side dish each state eats a disproportionate amount of. They examined over 20 Thanksgiving classics in the days leading up to the big holiday last year. From there, the company determined what side is searched a disproportionately, high amount.

So if more people in, say, Indiana searched for Deviled Eggs, they determined that Deviled Eggs were the most popular side dish in that state.

We’re sure not everyone will agree with the results. But that’s what makes these studies so much fun!

Zippia’s results showed the following:

  • Mashed potatoes are the favorite of 10 states.
  • Right behind mashed potatoes is mac n’ cheese, with seven states ranking it Number 1.
  • Talk about healthy; Maine is all about the side salad.
  • While only New Hampshire chose cranberry sauce as their fav.
  • And there were plenty of biscuits, rolls, and stuffing.

Each State’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side

AlaskaHash brown casserole
ArizonaGreen bean casserole
ArkansasWhite Gravy
CaliforniaMashed Potatoes
ColoradoMashed Potatoes
ConnecticutMashed Potatoes
DelawareMac And Cheese
District of ColumbiaMac And Cheese
FloridaSweet Potato Casserole
GeorgiaMac And Cheese
HawaiiTurkey gravy
IdahoGreen bean casserole
IllinoisMashed Potatoes
IndianaDeviled Eggs
KansasCream Corn
KentuckyBroccoli Casserole
LouisianaCornbread Dressing
MaineSide Salad
MarylandMac And Cheese
MichiganGreen bean casserole
MinnesotaMashed Potatoes
MississippiBaked Sweet Potatoes
MontanaMashed Potatoes
NebraskaGreen bean casserole
NevadaMashed Potatoes
New HampshireCranberry Sauce
New JerseyStuffing
New MexicoGreen bean casserole
New YorkStuffing
North CarolinaMac And Cheese
North DakotaMashed Potatoes
OhioGreen bean casserole
Rhode IslandStuffing
South CarolinaMac And Cheese
South DakotaCrescent Rolls
TennesseeSweet Potato Casserole
TexasGreen bean casserole
VirginiaMac And Cheese
WashingtonMashed Potatoes
West VirginiaRolls
WisconsinMashed Potatoes
WyomingBrown Gravy

Time To Go Shopping

Now when you think of Thanksgiving, you also think of holiday shopping, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly follow Turkey Day. Again, this year will be different than in the past, with even more online shopping.

So, please remember to record ALL of your holiday purchases, whether you get them in an actual store or online.

Online Shopping Tips

Here again are our best tips for recording online purchases:

  • Online purchases may come in one or multiple shipments and don’t always include a packing receipt. Consider printing out your email/order confirmation so you can refer back to it when reporting your purchase.
  • If your items do come separately, please scan them as you receive them.
  • If an item arrives with the UPC barcode covered by another label, try carefully peeling off that label and scanning the UPC barcode on the item (or manually enter the barcode number if the barcode is damaged).
  • If you buy something from the website of a retailer that also has a storefront, make sure to report the trip as an online purchase. For example, if you order something from Walmart’s website, select “Walmart .com” when you record the purchase (whether the item was shipped directly to you or picked up at the store).

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, and remember to stay safe!

Best Regards,

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