Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the day when the world celebrates Mother Earth.

I want my kids to be aware of the importance of a healthy Earth. After all, they’re going to be living here for a long time.

But most people are still under stay-at-home orders, so it’s difficult to be outside and celebrate the day.

Since my kids are now home all day (every single day …!), I looked for some ways to celebrate Earth Day despite the challenges we’re all facing.

What You Can Do
There are many great Earth Day activities you, and your kids, can participate in, according to

  • Pick up litter: Clean up litter around your neighborhood. If you’re confined to your home, clean up your house or apartment (Kids: Your mom and dad will certainly like that!).
  • Make a call-to-action to share on social media. Give your friends an #EarthDayChallenge to try or just share some facts about climate change or recycling, or some other topic of interest to you.
  • Raise awareness about e-waste: E-waste is the disposed trash from our modern electronic devices, such as batteries or computer parts. Do some research and then pass along information about how to recycle electronic waste in your community.
  • Build a birdhouse or bird feeder out of recycled materials to help out your local bird population.
  • Think of energy-saving ideas for around the house: How can you cut down on your energy use? (Ideas may include switching to LED bulbs, turning off lights when not in use, and unplugging electronic devices when not using them.)
  • Start a compost bin in your backyard: This eco-friendly way of disposing of veggie scraps and other bio-degradable waste products not only cuts back on the amount of trash you produce and send to landfills, but it creates a nutrient-rich compost mixture that can give your garden a boost!
  • Check out Earth Day’s official website for more ideas and to take part in their Earth Day Challenge:

Tell us what you’re doing to help protect the environment. Just leave a comment!

We are all living under some very difficult conditions, but if you can, please try to celebrate Earth Day with your loved ones.

Thanks, and have an eco-friendly day!

Best Regards,