Football Season Is Here!

Good news, football fans, the football season is finally here! The college football season has already kicked off (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!), and the professional teams started playing last night.

My nephew recently began his freshman year at Penn State – not to play football, but to study accounting. Anyway, he’s been talking about going to Penn State for a while now, both in terms of the academics as well as being able to soak up the atmosphere at home games (where more than 100,000 people attend!), so I’ve become more interested in college football.

Like pro football, college football is BIG business, especially for the big-name schools. In its most recent study conducted during the 2017 season, The Wall Street Journal determined each football program’s value using available revenues and expenses, making cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections for each school. Here are the most valuable football programs in the country. (And I have to tell you, I was shocked to see these numbers!)

1. Ohio State (estimated value of $1.5 billion at the end of the 2017 season)
2. Texas ($1.2 billion)
3. Oklahoma ($1 billion)
4. Alabama ($930 million)
5. LSU ($910 million)
6. Michigan ($892 million)
7. Notre Dame ($856 million)
8. Georgia ($822 million)
9. Tennessee ($745 million)
10. Auburn ($724 million)
11. Florida ($682 million)
12. Penn State ($549 million)
13. Texas A&M ($522 million)
14. Nebraska ($507 million)
15. South Carolina ($484 million)
16. Iowa ($483 million)
17. Arkansas ($456 million)
18. Wisconsin ($439 million)
19. Washington ($434 million)
20. Florida State ($385 million)

Now you might think that going to a college game wouldn’t be too costly, but that’s not always the case. According to, in 2016 the average cost of attending an NFL game was around $90. In 2017, if you didn’t get a student ticket, there were at least 48 schools whose football tickets exceed that average price.

For me, I’ll just watch the games on TV! And when I speak to my nephew, he can tell me all about how Penn State played.

Do you go to football – high school, college, or pro – games? Let us know!

Thanks, and have a great weekend.

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24 thoughts on “Football Season Is Here!”

  1. Love football, especially college!
    Pro football is good too but has too many commercials and money talks
    Still it’s a great game

    1. I am a fan of “Thee Ohio State University.” We’re fans of Georgia Bulldogs. Fans of Atlanta Braves Baseball. We don’t attend any games. Some of the wages are outlandish. Yes, these men deserve high wages, but when will the pay cap?
      Firefighters, Police Officers, Military & Retired Military are under paid for their expertise. It doesn’t seem fair. There are so many people in need…

  2. We love Pro football, and we’ve attended a few Steeler games. Our college team doesn’t do very well, but we do enjoy Big 10 games!

  3. love football, but really DISLIKE all the political BS going on with the NFL right now. I still love the game however and watch high school, college & pro ball

  4. I have only attended Army/Navy games since I’m retired Army and I have gotten the ticket free to get in. My kids however, never miss a game that either their own kids play in or one of their cousins and it was the same with soccer. Only have one grandchild left in school now ; all others have graduated already, so in a couple more years my kids probably will stop going to games too. I occasionally watch a game if either the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos or Greenbay Packer are playing; don’t have much interest in football otherwise.

  5. Me I hate to see football 🏈 season start.That to me means the end of BASEBALL ⚾ for our household. So Football 🏈 Fans enjoy your season, as for us we’ll fill our time at the 🌴 Beach and watch Hockey

  6. I generally watch NFL football and I may go to one game in person. I live on the KC metro area. Chiefs game tickets are reasonable, but the parking costs are ridiculous! $60 to park your car, really?

  7. I am a huge Michigan fan….go Blue! My boys played high school football for Hudson, MI, who holds the state record of most consecutive games won….72. It was a national record until a school in CA beat the record a few years ago. My boys did not play during this time since they were not born yet. Anyway, I am more partial to high school football, needless to say. Now, my grandson plays football so the beat goes on!

  8. Last year, 2017, I attended my very first NFL game. The tickets were $200 each and 4 of us went. It was in Green Bay Wisconsin and the Minnesota Vikings played against the Greenbay Packers on Christmas Eve. It was freezing outside and everyone was bundled up in their winter gear all dolled up with their teams colors and favorite players numbers. Even though I am not a fan of football, I went anyways and braved the cold just so I could say that I went to an official NFL game. The Vikings won the game that evening. Now that I’ve experienced watching the game in real life, I must say that I probably would do it again, if the price were right.

  9. My daughter goes to school in Savannah, GA and works part time as a waitress. She makes HUGE tips when their are games whether college or pro! At home we watch pro on TV. We only go o a game if gifted tickets. Now baseball that’s a whole other story.

  10. Love my Green Bay Packers Go Aaron Roger’s! When you walk in to Lambeau field during a play, the roar of the crowd just pulls you in! Our Badger college football is pretty amazing as well.

  11. I love my Green Bay Packers. The roar of the crowd when you’re in Lambeau Field is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.
    Love our Wisconsin Badgers as well.

  12. Hey, I am from Washington State too. I watched the MNF game. My girlfriends daughter goes to University of Washington and get 50% off tickets..

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