My New Look

Did you notice? I now have contact lenses! (As reflected in my avatar.) After years of wearing glasses all day long, I finally decided to get contacts. (By the way, many people thought with my glasses on I had a strong resemblance to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Personally, I didn’t see it, but I’m just passing along the info, LOL.)

I’ve often thought about how many people need glasses or contacts to help their vision, whether it’s for reading or for distance (driving, watching TV or a movie, etc.)

According to the Vision Council of America, about 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction. Of those, approximately 64% of them wear eyeglasses, and 11% wear contact lenses, either exclusively, or with glasses.

Over half of all women and about 42% of men wear glasses. Also, more women (18%) than men (14%) wear contacts. Of those who use both contacts and eyeglasses, 62% wear contact lenses more often, according to the Vision Council of America.

As for me, I still need to use glasses when I read. So I bought a few non-prescription reading glasses at my local drug store.

Remember, panelists, while you can’t record a visit to the eye doctor or an eye care center, you can record eyeglasses or contact lens solution/products purchased at a physical store or online.

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Let me know!

Have a great day!

178 thoughts on “My New Look”

  1. I had cataract surgery on June 28, on my left eye. My right eye will be done on August 30. After wearing glasses since I was 13, I am now 57. I only need glasses for reading. I went from near sighted to far sighted. I am amazed that the surgery would change my life like this. I have always felt that I am invisible since I wear glasses, I was hiding behind glasses. Now I have nothing to hide behind.

    1. No, you have nothing left to hide–enjoy yourself–I might even join you in the surgery!! I’m also 57, been wearing glasses since I was 8!

    2. Hi, I am Elda and I have worn glasses starting at age 9. When I hit 20 I got my first pair of hard contacts and then after a long period I just couldn’t wear them anymore. SO I got the gas permeable lenses. NOW I have astigmatism in both eyes and cataracts in both. I was to have surgery on my left eye, but an emergency situation happened and had to be postponed. Still need to get this done and I will have it done.

  2. I wear glasses for reading only. Have glaucoma in one eye so need very expensive eye drops. Insurance pays nothing because not generic. Going to Canada in September to try and get for a much cheaper price.

  3. I wear both contacts and glasses. Contacts in the morning til evening. At about 8/9 I put my glasses on if I’m home to give my eyes a break from a long day of wearing contacts.

  4. I had cataract surgery on both eyes and was excited to hear I would not have to wear glasses to see far away any longer. I have wore glasses since I was in grade school and the thought of no glasses was so exciting!

    I indeed could see far away with no glasses but could not see up close without glasses. I soon found out it was easier to wear glasses to read, work on the computer, work in the kitchen and anything to do with seeing things up close. Instead on putting on and taking off reading glasses it was easier to just go back to using glasses all the time. It was a bummer but it was easier then hunting for my reading glasses when I needed them.

  5. I used to wear contacts but between the hassle of cleaning and the need for bifocals, I went back to glasses. There are lots of fun and stylish frames out there. Thankfully I have a great vision plan and can get a new pair each year.

  6. You look great. (Well, the avatar does). I’ve worn glasses since 4th grade. As I’ve gotten older though, I try to find classier styles. I’m thankful styles have changed over the years and isnt the same old stuff we used to see.

  7. I use to wear contacts and glasses. Now I just wear glasses. I stopped wearing contacts because I smoke and the smoke would get in my eyes and stick to my contacts resulting in constant eye infections.

  8. I had a really bad eye infection and I almost lost my eye about 3 months ago. I was having to see a specialist everyday. It went from 2 weeks straight everyday going to the eye Dr, to 3 times a week the decrease better. I was having to do 2 different eye drops in round the clock every hour. I had a very bad expirence with contacts and because of the scratch I had on my eye I was told I would never be able to have lasic because the scare on my eye. I’ve been wearing a corrective lense since I was in the 3rd grade and I’m now 23.

    1. I said the same thing to my optometrist when I got my first pair 30 years ago. His reply was, How are you going to get used to them if you don’t wear them?

  9. I’ve worn contacts for years. Since becoming pregnant (I’m 31 weeks now), I have been wearing glasses more often.

  10. I have worn glasses for 56 years- I tried contacts a few years ago but could not get past putting my finger up to my eyes! Oh well😊

    1. I wear both, but when I wear my contacts, I have one contact for near vision and another for far. This way I don’t have to wear readers.

  11. I wear glasses. Trifocals to be exact. I tried contacts when I was only in bifocals, but could not adjust to one eye for reading close and one eye for seeing distance – my eyes were constantly competing over which was doing what! Would love to not have to wear glasses anymore bc I always seem to have sensitive area under the nosepiece, no matter how much I get them adjusted.

    1. Hi Carol,
      I had same problem with nose. Ugh. Now I only wear frames where the nose part is molded right into the frame. And yes, they should be measured to order the right fit for you. Don’t let anyone tell you one size fits all. Make sure you like the look as you’ll just replace the lenses if necessary. They’re good frames and really last. Hope this helps you.

  12. I have worn glasses since 7th grade. I only had to wear them when reading, etc. When I stayed home with my children, I just wore them all the time so I had to continue to do that. My Dad had issues with contacts so I was always afraid to try them.

  13. I have been wearing glasses since I was very young. I am nearsighted so I need them all the time.

    I opted out of LASIK surgery to correct nearsightedness because I will only do surgery if my life depends on it.

    Now, I wear both contacts and glasses. My new contacts are multifocal to help me adjust my eyes for reading.

  14. I wear contacts and sometimes reading glasses with the contacts. Lately I have been wearing just my glasses to give my eyes a break from my contacts.

  15. In 2009 I had lasik done while we were stationed overseas. I did, however, prior to that wear glasses for 23 years and contacts for 18 of those. I am so glad I do not need to rely on either of those to see.

  16. I’ve been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember and every year they get worse and worse and worse. I have astigmatism in both eyes. I did wear contacts for about a year and then once I got the astigmatism the contacts hurt to have in my eyes. So now I’m stuck with glasses and I’m really getting tired of wearing glasses. Not to mention they’re expensive.

  17. I wear contacts during the day and usually take them off in the evening and wear my glasses. It allows me to rest my eyes.

  18. I wear glasses, and have since the third grade. I tried Contacts, but with astigmatism and when I I haven’t been able to find any that work

  19. I am 59. I started wearing glasses when I was 45. Not crazy about something sitting on my nose all day, but it sure beats not being able to read.

  20. I wear glasses. I have only been wearing them for about 6 years. I am far sighted and near sighted both. When I finally was able to get my eyes checked I ended up having to get trifocals. I love my glasses and I am thankful I can see now.

  21. Two pairs of glasses. One pair are invisible trifocal. The other pair are computer, for close vision. The computer ones have been a life (and job!) saver.

  22. I have worn glasses since the 8th grade. When I was in college, I began wearing contact lenses and wore them exclusively. As the years have past, I wear contacts and glasses, but mostly glasses. I feel prettier in contact lenses but I guess laziness beat out vanity. πŸ˜ƒ

  23. I’ve been wearing glasses for over 30 years and almost a year ago had to change to progressive lenses so I could read comfortably. I also have computer glasses at work.

  24. I used to wear my contacts about 80% of the time but as I’ve gotten older and have a job where I go in earlier in the morning I find myself wearing my glasses pretty much all the time. I typically wear my contacts only a couple times every few months and that’s it. It also doesn’t help that I went from a desk job, staring st a computer all day to a retail job where I’m walking all day, with little computer staring so my prescription has changed a lot and I haven’t got new contacts

  25. I wore glasses from the time I was in 5th grade until my senior year in college. Since then I have worn contacts.

  26. I wear glasses and have been wearing them since I was sixteen. I tried contacts and I couldn’t for the life of me get the contacts in my eyes, so unfortunately I have to stick with glasses. Even though I really wish I could figure out how to get the contacts in. If I could have got them in then I would be using contacts instead of glasses.

  27. I wear glasses. I have tried numerous types and brands I love contacts but I just can’t wear them. I really wish I could. 😩

  28. I am definitely have not been enjoying the fact that I have been without a pair of eye glasses for a little over a year now. Lost my last pair of “backups” were lost when I was swept down a river trying to get back to my wife from a flash flood that happened last year while we backpacking. I can tell not having a pair my vision has progressively got worse in that time. Can not wait until I can afford the optometrist for a new script. I do not think I will ever be able to wear contacts for the simple fact that I do not want to have to deal with the maintenance and cost/upkeep of contacts. I am a simple man….

  29. I’ve worn glasses since third grade, except for a short time in high school and college when I wore contacts. I’m 48 now and occasionally in the last few years I might have worn contacts, but I just don’t have time to put them in before work.

  30. I wear glasses; have worn them since I was 14 yrs. old. I initially wore both contacts & glasses but in my latter yrs. found the glasses were more convenient. Therefore, I no longer wear contacts.

  31. I wear glasses, they are a need for me, since I was little I had to wear them, and I don’t like them. I wish I could wear contacts but with my prescription I can’t. I know a lot of people who can wear both and i really would to but since I can’t I just like my glasses, i can say i adored them, they’re important in my daily life.

  32. My glasses are the first thing i put on in the when i wake up – and i tend to fall asleep with them on – or they are directly on my bed as i can’t see at all without them. It is definitely a world confined/defined by the limits of what i see between the frames of my glasses. That said, i am currently wearing very “blinged” out glasses (quite a bit of rhinestones designed very dramatically), and I have received a number of complements on them not only from people i know but from strangers walking down the street. As I have to wear them, my thinking is that they should be an extension of my own style. i do though feel it has impacted on how i see the world – again limited by what i see between the frames no matter how many rhinestones….

  33. I wear contacts since I was 18, I’m almost 43 now. I have always worn Acuvue, the kind you can sleep and take them out and wear my glasses about once a week. I violent imagine having to wear my glasses all the time because they start to hurt my nose and/or my ears after a couple of days. Also, I have worn shades to protect my eyes from uv rays and from getting crows feet prematurely for so long that my eyes are very sensitive to the sun. I absolutely need my 😎 shades. So I need my contacts!

  34. I wear contacts since I was 18, I’m almost 43 now. I have always worn Acuvue, the kind you can sleep in and take them out and wear my glasses about once a week. I can’t imagine having to wear my glasses all the time because they start to hurt my nose and/or my ears after a couple of days. Also, I have worn shades to protect my eyes from uv rays and from getting crows feet prematurely for so long that my eyes are very sensitive to the sun. I absolutely need my 😎 shades. So I need my contacts!

  35. Right now I wear readers as I had my cataracts removed 8 years ago. But before that I wore πŸ‘“ for many,many years as well as contacts for awhile. All are fine as I enjoy being able to see clearly and don’t take my vision for granted.
    Your new look is very nice. Like it.

  36. I wear glasses at the computer, movies, shows and to watch sports or long reading like when on a plane. Sadly I know that I need to enhance my prescription but I own five pairs of glasses! I’ve been putting off seeing my doctor because it will cost a lot to bring them all up to current. And, I really want another pair as well!

  37. I waer both glasses and gas permeable lenses. Started wearing glasses when i was 12 for distance, then progressed to wearing contacts at age 20. Continue to wear both.

  38. Yes. I wear contacts during the day, while im at work. I wear glasses at night. Weekends, depends on what we are doing.

  39. I wear glasses. I have to wear them all the time or everything is fuzzy up close. They are bivocals. Wish I could wear contacts, but the eye dr said that I am not a candidate for contacts.

  40. I wear glasses for far and near. I have tried contacts, unfortunately I had a horrible time put them in and taking them out.

  41. I go without them as long as I can during the day–mostly evening– but it’s glasses for me. Since I became diabetic my eye (only one) is too dry for contacts. I used to enjoy contacts, though.

  42. I’ve had glasses since I could read the letters one the chart–and needed them a few years sooner. For us, it’s all in the family. Mom and her brother were in dire need of glasses as were their parents. No idea about their parents as nobody wore glasses while waiting for those old photos to be taken.

  43. I use to have 20/20 vision but once the forty’s rolled around, the glasses came on and have stayed on. I am now in my sixties and cannot see without my glasses.

  44. I have worn glasses for a great number of years. I started out with readers making them stronger as the years progressed, til I had to get prescription glasses. I just got new glasses a few months ago. I don’t think I would like contacts.

  45. I’ve been wearing glasses for about 58 years; graduated to bifocals about 25 years ago. Wanted to get contacts but been told by different ophthalmologists that my A-stigmatism is to severe on top of having dry eye syndrome and would not be a candidate for them; wish I were. Glasses cost a fortune for my eyes; usually at least $650 or more and I’m not buying designer glasses either. Having to have to upgrade my prescription every year for the past 8 years, it gets quite costly even using the same frame again. Asked about lasic surgery and was told my problem is to severe and that surgery would not work for me, so I’m stuck wearing glasses wether I like it or not.

  46. I used to wear both contact lenses and glasses when I was younger but now that I’m 66 I only wear glasses

  47. I wear glasses. My vision is both close up and far off vision keeps having to be adjusted every year. I also have lazy eye.

  48. I had Lasik and did not have to wear glasses for more than a decade. But age caused me to need readers. Carrying my readers got old fast so I got prescription readers with a very sight correction for astigmatism. My vision is still 20/20 after 16 years and don’t wear my glasses while working at the computer or watching TV.
    Love that I can get up on the middle of the night and see where I am going. Not having to find my glasses in the dark is something only lifelong glasses wearers will understand.

  49. I wear cheaters for reading. I have rx glasses but don’t wear them much because I’m tough on them. I lost a lens while at work and with the protection plan I still had to pay 30.00 for a new lens, hence the .99 cent cheaters.

  50. I have worn glasses most of my life, so I make sure I have really nice frames that I bedazzle and people love them.
    Make lemonade out of lemons.

  51. I started wearing glasses in 5th grade. When I was 19 I got my first contacts that were very hard. At 28 I took a break from contacts a couple of years. Then back to contacts and even later started wearing the gas permeable lens which was more comfortable. They also corrected my astigmatism better. As I aged I needed reading glasses with my contacts and l later went with with bifocals contacts. Then at 60 I had cataract surgery & corrected my astigmatism. Still have to wear reading glasses but am not dependent on glasses for distance vision. Hallelujah!

  52. I wear single vision glasses so I have my regular glasses and reading glasses. Never could get used to bifocals or contacts. Have a great day!

  53. Yes I wear glasses, wore readers for a few years before I decided to go ahead and get bifocals. I was having more trouble with reading, computer, my distance was great. I will probably never do contacts, I wouldn’t like at all.

  54. I wear eyeglasses for reading and distance. I’ve chosen to wear eyeglasses instead of contacts for protection and aesthetics. I lost my left eye at the age of 21. My glasses serve as protection for my remaining good eye. It also slightly masks the fact that I have a prosthetic left eye. I have dry eye syndrome and am always buying OTC eye drops like Refresh and Systane. I am unable to wear OTC reading glasses as none of them are strong ebough

  55. I’ve worn glasses for most of my life. Now I only need them for readings and the computer. Last year’s glaucoma surgery worked.

  56. I wear contacts, a weaker strength in my left eye so that I don’t have to use reading glasses as often and a stronger strength in my right eye for distance. I’m planning to get Lasik surgery soon because I’m tired of removing them every night. Sometimes I fall asleep with them in and that’s not a good thing. Hope you enjoy yours!

  57. I have worn contacts since I was 16 years old. In my late 40’s I had to start wearing glasses due to dry eyes. So now I’m a glasses wearer. Alonso have the start of cataracts so my optomologist is watching that. After awhile I got use to glasses now I don’t care.

  58. I wear glasses. Have had to wear them for 24 years. I am planning on having surgery in the next year to correct my eyesight.

  59. I wear glasses, and wore contacts in the past.
    I like the convenience and comfort of glasses over contacts, and feel there are fewer worries about eye health over contacts.

  60. You look very nice in your new contacts! I wear one contact in my right eye (due to stigmatiizism (sp) in that eye) for reading only when I go out for the day. I wear a cheap pair of readers around the house and when I’m on my computer. I’m looking into getting those eye plugs to help with the dryness in my eyes! Time will tell – here’s hoping! πŸ™

  61. Good morning from Tennessee! I wear both contacts & glasses. I wear contacts most of the day, when I come home from work I wear glasses. I love my contacts! I know you enjoy your contacts too!

  62. I wear glasses when I need to see fine detail and contacts other times. I love wearing glasses as accessories and have a collection of cool frames (glasses and sunglasses). I’ve always been addicted to shoes, but lately it’s also glasses!

  63. Love your new look! Used to wear contacts (loved them) now due to MS I wear glasses. Difficult to put contacts in when your hand has tremors.

  64. I did wear contacts at one time but my eyes became too dry and I could not wear them anymore. Now I wear glasses.

  65. I have glasses and tried have tried contacts but my eyes get very dry with them and they also bother me if my allergies are acting up. I still have some contacts that I wear if I am on vacation on the beach or in the pool so I can see but I mainly wear my contacts.

  66. I wear glass and contacts. I’ve been interested in laser treatment to correct my vision but have not made the leap yet. and you look wonderful!

  67. I’ve worn glasses since second grade. I was able to get contacts in highschool and have never looked back. Love my contacts and been wearing them for almost 20 years now!

  68. After wearing glasses since 5th grade back in the 60’s, I had cataract surgery in 2007 & 2010 — I only use glasses to drive – because I cannot read the small letters on the street signs!! Otherwise, I can read & do everything else without my glasses!!

  69. Started wearing glasses for reading at age 38. Waited a couple of years and had contacts for a few years. As my eyes changed I needed something to help see street signs so I tried one near and one far contacts. Really tried but eventually gave them up. I look at glasses as being a piece of fine jewelry. (Pun intended). I’m now 78. Cataracts in both eyes removed several years ago so really only need the cheap readers – but I kept misplacing them – the way everyone else does. Gave in and bought progressive lenses. Now I always know where my glasses are: on my face! Script hasn’t changed in 3 years so that makes me feel my investment was worth it.

  70. I wear glasses – w/ bifocals. Used to wear contacts ages ago. Might go back to contacts again just for special occasions.

  71. I have been wearing eyeglasses since the year of 2002, which is the year that I graduated from high school.

  72. I am the oldest of 5 who was blessed with perfect vision until my late 40’s, then needed reading glasses. After a few years and picking up indoor soccer at 50 and beginning to need corrective lenses, I opted for contacts…. easier with my next activity cross fit. At nearly 64 (now), almost 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with Macular degeneration, now I can only wear glasses, and truly dislike having to. Can’t read hardly anything without them. So far I have not had to give up my activities, but am happy to be able to continue my vision even if I must wear the annoying glasses

  73. I wore contacts in the past as at the time i was near sighted. Now that I am almost 50 I am having a little difficulty reading up close. Could get readers…..but not ready to put the Grandma chain on just yet.πŸ˜„

  74. Hello, my husband and I both ware bifocal glasses. We lost the optical part of our insurance d/t contrack issues. So we have been in the same glasses for 7 years. We are looking at lasik treatment if we get optical back.

  75. I have worn some type of corrective eyewear since about 2nd grade. I’m very near sighted. I wear both contacts & glasses. Mostly contacts during the day. Then when I’m at home glasses.

  76. Yes, I, too, am an eyeglass wearer! πŸ™‚ I was once a proofreader and by my own purposes, I felt like the years might take a toll, so I got prescription glasses. I was never able to wear the readers from the drug stores or other stores. Now with my prescription and thanks to e-commerce, I can now purchase online. I just received my newest pair just a few days ago.

  77. I have worn glasses since I was four years old. I was forced to wear a patch to try to strengthen one of my weak eyes (not a lazy eye). My current eye doctor told me that they later found that the patch never worked. I started wearing hard contacts around twelve years old and transitioned to specially made soft contacts in college. I have always pushed my eye doctor visits as long as possible and wear my contacts 3x as long as recommended because of the cost. I have never had an insurance that pays for my contacts. $200+ for a 6 month supply. I have a severe astigmatism in both eyes and I have been told that laser eye surgery is too dangerous. Eye health has been pretty frustrating for me as I am one of the 1% that have this severe astigmatism. Because the consumer base is so small, no cheaper versions of contacts have been developed on 10+ years.

    1. Anna Mae,
      My eye doctor has told me the exact same thing regarding laser eye surgery because I too have severe astigmatism in both eyes.
      It seems to me that scientist and optometrist would figure out how to help other people like you and I.
      Thanks for sharing and best of luck!

  78. I wear glasses & contact lenses, not at the same time, yet…ugh! When I was in my 20’s & 30’s, I would ONLY wear my glasses at home in the evening time, prior to bedtime. Now, in my 40’s, I find myself reaching for my glasses more often than my contact lenses. I really don’t know why exactly….any thoughts???
    Maybe I just find it easier and more comfortable! Haha, I wonder…..??

  79. I used to wear contacts and glasses, but now only wear glasses as on need to wear when driving since my vision has improved to where need no corrective lenses to use conputer, read, etc.

  80. I’ve been wearing contact lenses for 43 years!! When the time came for reading glasses, I simply put them over my contacts….gives me my best vision EVER. Because I have an astigmatism, I am able to read my Kindle, up close, with no vision correction, so I can read myself to sleep. πŸ˜‰

  81. I have had glasses since April 1981, though I did not wear them as often as I should have, as I was not used to them. It was not until 1983 that I realised that I *REALLY* needed them in order to do my schoolwork.

    More recently, in fact, last year, 2016, I got my first pair of bifocals, which was REALLY a shock, as I am just in my mid-40s.

    As much as I would love to wear contacts, but as I intensely dislike the feeling of water running over my closed eyes, I doubt that would make me a good candidate for contacts any time soon. In fact, when I had my appointment with my eye doctor in April, I could barely tolerate the puff of air blown into my eyes, even she told me that I was not going to be a candidate for contacts! Well, maybe in my next lifetime, I will be able to wear contacts! πŸ˜€

  82. I have worn glasses since I was 6. They were like coke bottles until technology came along. I tried contacts but could only wear hard & they were thick & was lucky to wear them only to work. I need surgery on my eyes but insurance won’t cover. I am used to being more blind then sighted

  83. I wear both glasses and contacts as well. Have since i was quite young. I prefer my contacts but it is nice having glasses for those when i am not feeling well or i am just feeling lazy.

  84. I don’t wear glasses but think I need to get my eyes checked…feel like my eyesight is going down…congratulations on your new look!

  85. I wear glasses. Since the 4th grade. I also keep last years pair next to my bedside to find my current pair when i have forgotten where i took them off. Many times i wake up still wearing them…what better to see my dreams with lol

  86. I have wore contacts since my mid-teens. I stopped a year or two after having my children. Now in my early 40’s, I’m back to wearing them occasionally and enjoying the options.

  87. I wear bifocal contacts and love them. I do have a pair of glasses for backup . I actually like them they are purple ,got them at Costco..They have the new HD lenses didn’t think it would be much different than regular lenses but it is a big difference.

  88. I have been wearing glasses since my twenties. I have astigmatism, I can’t see up close or far away. I am now 58 and my eye Doctor told me I need cataract surgery! But I want to find a new Eye Doctor that specializes in correcting aal of my eyesight problems with one surgery vat a time on my eyes. I have been researching that this is possible. So I just want to let people know that you can get all your eyesight problems fixed with the right Doctor!

  89. I have been wearing contacts since I was 16, which is when I saved up enough money to buy my first pair of $200 soft contact lens I have been wearing my glasses is the second grade.
    Now as I am becoming, shall we say mature, I need to wear reading glasses with my contact lenses. Even after all these years, I still do not like to go out in public with my regular prescription glasses

  90. I wear progressive lenses in both my regular and my sunglasses. I wear readers when working on the computer or for close work.

  91. Yes, I wear glasses and sometimes contacts. I have a hard time though finding contacts that don’t irritate my eyes (thus the reason for only wearing them occasionally.)

  92. I have worn glasses since probably 1990, but now I have problems with both near and far, But I will keep wearing glasses cause I stand anything near my eyes

  93. I always had perfect vision (20/15) until menopause took over my life… and my eyesight! I’m farsighted, now. So, I started out with readers +1.25. Fast forward around 5 years and I’m in trifocals (progressive lenses)!! My optometrist has been trying to fit me with contacts for over a year, but my astigmatisms (both eyes) aren’t cooperating. My optician friend said lasik won’t work for me, though, because it’s presbyopia (getting old)! ;(

  94. I wear glasses and contacts just depends on the mood or what I will be doing. I have different pairs of glasses. Fun pair, professional pair, and a pair of transitions.

  95. I also wear glasses. I’m nearsighted so I can see things near but when I try to see things at a distance, I need my glasses. After 40, I started having trouble seeing small texts and the eye doctor said it’s that I needed bifocals. Thus, now when I buy glasses I buy the no line bifocals; not those old ones that were used in the past (double thick area).

  96. I am 57 & wear glasses & contacts. But get so frustrated because I can’t do my computer work with my contacts in.

  97. Your avitar looks nice. If she’s a cartoon version of you than you look great.
    My bifocal glasses broke so until I can afford to replace them I’m using OTC reading glasses, avoiding a lot of driving and become irritated about not being able to read things on the TV. No closed captioned movies for the time being for me.

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