Time To Head Outside!

No matter where you live, the days are getting longer. And depending on where you live, temperatures are starting to rise! That’s certainly true where I live.

To me, that means one thing: Time to go outside and have fun!

There are a number of state and county parks not far from where we live. My husband and I decided to try and take the kids hiking at these parks as often as possible. We both think it’s great to get out in the fresh air and experience the plants and trees and birds and animals that you run across in a park.

Hiking is one of many different outside activities. What are some of your favorites? Let me know!

Here are the most popular outdoor activities by participation rate, according to a survey issued by The Outdoor Foundation:

Youth (ages 6 – 14) Participation No. of Participants
1. Running/Jogging/Trail Running 24.2% 19.9 million
2. Bicycling (Road, Mountain, BMX) 20.6% 16.9 million
3. Camping (Car, Backyard, RV) 18.2% 15 million
4. Fishing (Fresh, Salt, Fly) 18% 14.8 million
5. Hiking 13.1% 10.8 million


Adult (ages 24+) Participation No. of Participants
1. Running/Jogging/Trail Running 14.9% 31.6 million
2. Fishing (Fresh, Salt, Fly) 14.6% 30.9 million
3. Hiking 12.5% 26.4 million
4. Bicycling (Road, Mountain, BMX) 12.3% 26.1 million
5. Camping (Car, Backyard, Backpacking, RV) 11.8% 25 million

Have a great day – and if you can, go outside!

69 thoughts on “Time To Head Outside!”

  1. One of my favorite things to do is to cookout out in the yard and invite everyone over for food, fun and family bonding.

  2. My wife and I first love the beaches here in the Lowcountry, we also love hiking, camping, fishing and gardening. We love just about things outdoor.

  3. I enjoy bicycle riding, discovering odd & interesting places @ bicycle speed & accessibility. Though working as part time ranch hand & rest of wk days as office help generally 8a-6p I don’t have much time to myself being on call 24/7 to get office work done for trucking company. I’m self-employed as appliances repair Technician & wish I could get my company up & running to where it’s producing income however small or large it may be.

  4. Lots of walking even with the push mower in front of me; it’s relaxing. Other things I really like to do but difficult to do because of where I live are: hiking; rappelling of mountains and lots of traveling.

  5. We love being outdoors. We are Seniors 74 ❤️ 80 and feed the birds and squirrels. Love all of them. Sit on our porch in the evenings and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Went to a beautiful Garden Center yesterday and then had dinner in their Sage Garden Kitchen. All vegetables and fruits grown there as well as herbs. Love the outdoors as long as weather permits.

  6. Walking & sitting in the sun, going up north, being by or on the water! Disabled, so I am limited to what I can do.

  7. My family and I love anything outside that has to do with water. For example going to the beach , the lake, going swimming in our family members pools , water parks, and renting water slides for our kids birthdays during the summer, even running around with water guns having water gun fights.

  8. I love to go camping, but I have not been in over 20 years, as my husband hates it. I hope we go at least one more time before one of us passes.

  9. I do a lot of gardening. Have over 3,000 square footage. I make wine from the berries. I also take the dog to the dog park and I jog 1 mile while there. To me staying active has a lot to do with how long you live. Will be 81 in August

  10. We love trailer-traveling . When we are home we love taking visitors wine tasting or site seeing. Living is the foothills of northern California is like being on vacation all the time.

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