Although fall is my favorite season, there are many things I like about the summer months (which do not include the extreme heat and humidity, lol). I save many of my vacation days for the summer so I can enjoy some family time, fun day trips, and even time to myself to go for long walks or to the beach. Besides fun summer activities, another great thing about summer is the abundance of delicious and refreshing seasonal fruits!

Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, oh my!

Summer Fruit Fun

Check out this list of some favorite summer fruits from, along with tips on different ways to use them:

Blueberries – make a sweet sauce topping for ice cream
Cherries – pit them and make a cherry fruit salad
Blackberries – make a blackberry tart
Watermelon – slice and marinate in lime and mint
Strawberries – try to grow your own
Peaches – caramelize them for a peach cake
Raspberries – make raspberry crumb bars
Figs – slice them up and drizzle with honey
Apricots – make some jam

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Panel Facts About Fruit

So, what fruits do NCP panel members purchase the most in the summer months? Here’s the list based on NCP data from last summer:






Bananas are the most popular fruit purchased in any season! Interesting, right?

While Melons rank #2 in the summer months, they rank #9 in Winter, and #5 in both Spring and Fall.

NCP panel members represent consumers all across the country by sharing their shopping experiences and opinions. If you’re not a panel member and you’re interested in joining NCP to share your shopping experiences, earn great rewards, and influence what you see on store shelves, click here or go to the Join NCP section of the blog!

Reporting Fruit Purchases

Panel Members: Many fruits don’t have a UPC barcode so be sure to use the Non-Barcoded Items list in NCPMobile app or, if you use NCP’s handheld scanner, refer to the Barcode Reference Booklet to report your fruit purchases.

There are several choices of fruit in the Fruits category including “Prepared Fresh Fruit” that you would select if you bought a prepared fruit salad. If you purchase a fruit that is not on the list, then choose the “Other Fruit” category.

Enjoy the summer and all the berry delicious fruits!

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