Like almost everyone else in the country, I’m playing the lottery this week. After all, the current Mega Millions drawing is estimated to be $970 million. And the current Powerball jackpot will be worth an estimated $430 million.

Unfortunately, the odds of winning Mega Millions were 302,575,350 to 1 as of Thursday, according to USA Today.

Now I know the odds are long, but I keep telling myself I’ll be the lucky one. LOL!

If you want a better chance of winning something, just be a regular participant on the panel!

NCP has an amazing variety of sweepstakes, which are awarded weekly, monthly, and quarterly, and yearly.

Best of all, participation in these sweepstakes is easy: As long as we receive your weekly transmissions, you’re automatically entered into the following sweepstakes:

  • $25 Weekly Sweepstakes (50 winners)
  • $200 Monthly Sweepstakes (30 winners)
  • $20,000 Cash Giveaway (1 winner per quarter)
  • $500 Super Scanner Sweepstakes (20 winners per quarter)
  • $500 Panelists of the Year Sweepstakes (10 winners per year)

In addition, the Pick n’ Win sweepstakes is NCP’s exciting monthly contest where you’re in control. Each month we feature drawings for an array of amazing prizes. Use your reward points to give yourself an entry into a drawing. Enter as many contests as you want as many times as you want! (Note: The points you apply toward a prize are not credited back if you don’t win that prize.)

For more details, visit our Pick n’ Win Page.

Well, good luck to everyone who’s playing the lotteries. And let me know if you’ve ever won something in the lottery.

Have a great – and lucky – weekend!

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