One of my favorite fall activities is to pack up the family and take a ride to the Hudson Valley section of New York to check out the fall foliage. For us “leaf peepers” there is nothing better than seeing all the bright colors of autumn. It is spectacular!

So this weekend we’ll make a day of it and experience all the beautiful colors of fall.

Where do you go to see the turning leaves? Tell us about where you go to see your local fall foliage. (You can even send us a photo to [email protected].)

Here is some great information from Rosie Purdy of the about the peak foliage time in the 48 contiguous United States. Just scroll down and find your state:

Alabama: starting early October in the North Alabama mountain region and continuing throughout the state through early November.

Arizona: early to mid-October for Northern Arizona; late September to late October in the Sonoran Desert

Arkansas: the last few days of October and the first few days of November

California: mid-to late October starting from the state’s higher elevations and spreading downward to its foothills and coast

Colorado: September is the best month, with prime foliage times shifting from region to region, lasting only about a week in each place

Connecticut: from mid-to-late September through mid-to-late October

Delaware: from mid-October to early November for best color intensity

Florida: later in the season beginning early November

Georgia: early to mid-October

Idaho: early October in northern, central and eastern Idaho; mid-October in Southern Idaho

Illinois: mid-October in northern and central Illinois; late October to early November for Southern Illinois

Indiana: early to mid-October in Northern Indiana; mid-to late October in the southern part of the state

Iowa: the weekend closest to Oct. 10 in northeast Iowa and later in southern Iowa

Kansas: early to mid-October in northern Kansas; mid-to-late October in southern Kansas

Kentucky: late October to early November

Louisiana: early November

Maine: early October in the western mountain areas; mid-October in southern Maine and the state’s coastal areas

Maryland: late October and early November in southern and central Maryland; parks around Garrett County are also great during early October

Massachusetts: the first week of October in western and southeastern regions; mid-October for the central area of the state; end of October in eastern Massachusetts

Michigan: mid-September to early October in the far western quarter of the Michigan upper peninsula; late September to mid-October in all other upper peninsula regions; late September to late October in the lower peninsula

Minnesota: mid-September to early October in the northern third of the state, late September and early October in the central third and late September to mid-October in southern Minnesota; the North Shore of Lake Superior peaks about one week later than inland areas

Mississippi: late October to early November

Missouri: late September through mid-October, starting in northern Missouri and traveling south to the Ozark Mountains

Montana: late September to early October in central Montana; early to mid-October in western Montana

Nebraska: early to mid-October

Nevada: mid-to-late October

New Hampshire: end of September in the far north, early October in the White Mountain region and the mid-October in the south

New Jersey: mid-to-late October inland; late October to early November along the coast

New Mexico: early to mid-October at higher elevations; mid-October to early November at lower elevations

New York: the last few days of September through the end of October; for the best foliage viewing, visit the Adirondacks and Catskills

North Carolina: mid-to-late October for inland regions; late October to early November along coastal regions

North Dakota: early to mid-October

Ohio: the second and third weeks in October for most of the state, and later in October for Ohio’s most southern regions

Oklahoma: late October through early November

Oregon: mid-to-late October

Pennsylvania: early October for the northern region of the state; mid-October in central Pennsylvania; last two weeks of October in the southeast

Rhode Island: mid-to-late October

South Carolina: late October to early November

South Dakota: early to mid-October

Tennessee: the northeastern mountain regions peak in the last two weeks of October; the rest of the state peaks from mid-October to late November

Texas: the month of October, particularly mid-to-late October

Utah: early September at higher, northern mountain areas and through November in southern regions

Vermont: the last week of September and early October in northern Vermont; early to mid-October in southern Vermont

Virginia: inland Virginia reaches peak foliage from mid-to-late October inland; late October to early November along the coast

Washington: mid-September through mid-October

West Virginia: late September through late October

Wisconsin: early to mid-October

Wyoming: early to mid-October


Have a great weekend everybody!