Holiday Shopping

I don’t know about you, but I’m deep into my holiday shopping! The malls are always crazy, so I thought I’d do more cyber shopping this year. Obviously, a lot of other people had the same idea.

According to published reports, Cyber Monday 2016 was the largest e-commerce day in history, as consumers spent $3.45 billion online. That’s a 12.1% increase over Cyber Monday 2015.

Shoppers have gone mobile! According to Adobe Digital Insights, mobile sales on Cyber Monday totaled $1.07 billion, which was a 34% increase over the previous year. In fact, sales on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, were 31% of total online sales for the day!

How are you doing with your holiday shopping? Let me know (send your comments to or leave a reply on this page).

Have a happy holiday shopping day!

14 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping”

  1. I am not shopping for Christmas at all. everything is very expensive and i dont have money to buy things for my families and grandchildren real sad but we are still get family together to have Christmas dinner and have celebration on Holiday. We love each other. not matter what……. May God bless all of you and my families…. sweet! Stay Positive alll the years…..

  2. It won’t be much of a Christmas this year. My tree is up and thats about all it will be. No Santa visits here this year. I just can’t afford to buy anything. I wanted to make cookies and give but with my arthritis, it’s hard to mix, roll or stir anymore. My 5 year old grand-daughter will be disappointed but how do you explain to a 5 year old you just don’t have the money to do anything with.

    1. Have you checked with your local Salvation Army? If you let them know then I’m pretty sure they will bring or have you pick a food basket if you need it & some toys. The fire department also does things like that, and sometimes a local church can help. You need to contact them this week, preferably tomorrow. Pray about it and contact them.
      I want to wish you and your grand-daughter a very merry Christmas.

      1. I see that there are several people in this same situation. This applies to each of you. May God Bless All of You.
        Another option would be to check with your local Jaycee’s. Most of them will be doing some type of Christmas project to assist with families who are in need.
        I hope this information helps.
        Merry Christmas

  3. We are the same way. We can’t afford Christmas this year either. Times are really tough. I told my kids that we had to pretty much skip Christmas with them this year. I have two grandsons and I can’t not show up with nothing. So we are staying home this year.

  4. I am totally ecommerce. I did shop on Thanksgiving, on the internet, and found a super J.C. sale, which I did indulge in. My Christmas shopping will be shopper cards from Amazon. I live a long way from the people I give presents to. I do not know their likes and needs, to date. The Amazon card allows them to buy what they want or need, without any shopping errors. And Amazon does the mailing for me. I also send my Christmas cards from They do all the work, and will personalize any card to meet my requests. They also do the mailing.

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