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The Many Costs Of Food Waste

Unfortunately, we all end up throwing out food. There are many reasons why this happens, but overall it comes with a huge cost, not only in the amount of money wasted, but also in terms of the environment. And that’s something to really think about, since Earth Day is next week (April 22).

Food Waste – Money Impact

Here are the numbers: In the U.S., about one pound …

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Online Sales Have Increased, But Not For All Items

I’m sure you’re like me and during the midst of the pandemic you kicked up your online shopping a few notches. But while online sales have boomed, there are many items that people still want to get at a physical store location. I know I’m one of those people who prefer to purchase some items at a brick-and-mortar store!

According to NielsenIQ, over 22 million new U.S. …

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Vending Machines Are Everywhere

I’m sure we’ve all used vending machines at one time or another. You’ll find these machines everywhere! I mention this because today, March 4, is the third annual National Vending Day. (That is, according to the National Automatic Merchandising Association.)

Here, There, And Everywhere

These machines are indeed everywhere. According to the, there were 2,175,756 vending machines in service in 2019 in a variety of …

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Some Super Shopping Stats

We all have to eat. So unless you order out for every meal, chances are you’ve gone to the grocery store to buy some food items. (Obviously, the pandemic has changed things, as many order their groceries online and have it delivered or pick them up curb side.) Since we all have experience shopping, let’s share some super shopping stats!

And Here Are The Stats!

According to

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What To Do About Returns

Returns happen. Returns happen all year long, but we’re all more conscious of it after the holiday season. And as an NCP panel member, do you know what to do about them?

Tell us about your experience with returning purchases in the comments section toward the bottom of the page.

Each year, the return of items purchased over the holiday period usually peaks on a single day, which …

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A Brief History Of Shopping Carts

As I was shopping last week, I noticed the shopping cart I was using was in really good shape. There were no wheels spinning wildly out of control, the wheel alignment was so good that the cart didn’t veer off to the right, and there was no tattered store circular or crumbled, expired coupons spread out all over the cart.

Also, a young woman who worked at the …

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