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Here Comes Another Scary Halloween

With the pandemic, last year’s Halloween was a scary time for everyone. Well, this year things are hopefully a bit better where you live. It’ll be scary, but a different kind of scary! Kids and adults are really ready to celebrate the holiday!

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A Very Scary Halloween

It’s time for Halloween, although this year’s event will be much different from those in the past. With a pandemic still plaguing the country, this is one really, really scary Halloween.

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Halloween Facts

Don’t be scared, but Halloween is right around the corner. Have you purchased any treats yet? Once again, I’ve recently bought a few bags of candy, but have already dipped into them. I must gain control of myself! LOL.

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Nothing But Treats

Halloween is coming! I hope you’ve stocked up on goodies for the trick or treaters. I picked up several big bags of candy a few weeks ago, and made sure to hide it from my family members.

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Dressing Up For Halloween

Next Monday is Halloween. I hope you’re ready! We finally had time to get costumes: My daughter will be Elsa from Frozen, and my son is going as Darth Vader. (I’m dressing up, too. I’m going as a pirate. My husband will be...

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Shopping For Halloween

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already picked up some treats for the children who’ll be Trick or Treating on Halloween. I bought a variety of candies, mostly things that I love but try to limit eating during the rest of the...

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